ABBA YOSE BEN DOSTAI (Dosai; second century C.E.), Palestinian tanna. He is not mentioned in the Mishnah, but he transmitted halakhic statements in the names of R. eliezer and R. yose ha-gelili (Tosef., Pe'ah 4:2; Ta'an. 2:6; cf. Toseftaki-Feshutah. 1 (1955), 180, 5 (1962), 1080). He was a contemporary of yose b. meshullam , and halakhic remarks are quoted jointly in their names (Tosef., Kelim, BK 6:18; Makhsh. 2:10). Aggadot dealing with the reconciliation of contradictory biblical passages are cited in his name by Judah ha-Nasi (Sif. Num. 42). -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bacher, Tann, 2 (1890), 388–9, 489; Hyman, Toledot, 720–1 Z.K.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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